The Mardai Harricharan Foundation was founded by John, Jonathan and Malika Harricharan in honor of their wife / mother who passed away when she was only in her thirties. Mardai was  gentle and loving to all those who came in contact with her. She and her husband John adopted both Malika and Jonathan from an orphanage in Mumbai, India. This step spared them from certain death as both babies suffered from multiple, serious, health conditions.

After Mardai’s passing, John raised his two children alone, acting as both Mom and Dad, bringing them the much needed comfort and emotional support any grief-stricken family yearns for. With an MBA and other degrees, John had always stressed the importance of education to his kids. Both Malika and Jonathan are graduates of the nearby university and have gone on to create successful businesses for themselves.

Now both in their 30′s, they found themselves thinking, “how can we give back to those less fortunate?” And what better way than to go back to where it all started in Mumbai, India and help to expand and build more orphanages to care for children just like themselves?


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