Moving my money into a high-yield savings account was the most productive 10 minutes of my house-shopping journey

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  • In my process of saving to buy a house, opening a high-yield savings account both made my money earn more and motivated me to save. 
  • I've earned $230 in interest over the past year simply by moving my down payment savings from a traditional savings account to a high-yield savings account. 
  • And while interest rates have gone down, I've been more motivated to save by an accessible app and easy-to-manage automatic deposits. 
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Before I started looking into buying a house, I was coasting along with a traditional savings account that earned .01%. Then, I found out about high-yield savings accounts, and it forever changed the game for me.

High-yield savings accounts aren't much different than traditional savings accounts. They're simply savings accounts that earn a higher interest rate. Mostly, they're available through online banks and can be opened easily online.

Experts agree that high-yield savings accounts are the best place to save if you're planning on buying a house in the near future. In my personal experience, that's certainly been true. As I started to slowly save up for a down payment on a future house, my high-yield savings account didn't just make my money earn more interest; it also motivated me to save more. 

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