Mrs Hinch shares hack for cleaning sink and shower plughole in 2 minutes

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Mrs Hinch has shared with her 3.6 million followers how she easily cleans her shower plughole with two cheap products. Posting to her Instagram stories, Mrs Hinch shared how dirty her plughole was and explained that it needed a good deep clean.

She said: “Sat in the shower guys and my plug doesn’t look bad like this…But lift off the cap and look.

“Remember not everything on insta is at clean as it looks…I need to clean this. It’s been on my mind of about a week.”

Mrs Hinch then takes the plughole apart and removes the pieces that click into it.

She then explains: “I’m going to use astonish and mould mildew! It’s so good but so strong!

“Keep a window open! I’m also going to use my sonic scrubber!”

Sophie then sprays the cleaning spray down the plughole as well as soaking the pieces she took out in the sink.

Astonish Mould & Mildew spray is loved by Mrs Hinch and her fans often share how amazing this product is.

The product gets rid of mould stains in minutes and fans have found the product on sale for as little as 19p in Aldi.

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Mrs Hinch then uses her Sonic Scrubber to scrub the plughole as well as the disassembled parts.

The Sonic Scrubber is a home cleaning gadget which scrubs away unwanted dirt that builds up.

It scrubs away 10,000 times per minute and improves cleaning time and fans of Mrs Hinch have described it as being like a toothbrush.

Mrs Hinch’s tool is priced at £18.99 on Amazon, but there are also similar unbranded alternatives for as little as £9.

Sophie captioned her scrubbing the plughole: “Good old sonic…Never lets us down.”

She then rinsed everything under the tap before placing it back into the shower.

The cleaning guru then revealed a perfectly clean shower plughole and she also uses the same technique on her sinks too.

Mrs Hinch keeps the sink clean on a daily basis and recommends to use a full cup of soda crystals to deep clean the sink and plug hole.

She firstly wipes down the sink with disinfectant and then puts soda crystals into the drain before pouring white vinegar on top.

After 15 minutes, she pours boiling water over the plug hole which helps wash away all the remains of soda crystals.

Mrs Hinch’s latest tip when cleaning the sink is to add some Lenor Fabric Softener which not only cleans the sink but also infuses the home with relaxing scents.

Sometimes she also uses Zoflora to help keep her home smelling fresh and fragrant for hours.

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